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Turning your big dreams into manageable realities since 2010.

formerly Lady Luck Consulting LLC - Same Mompreneurs. Same Services. New Name.

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Graphic Design & Logos

“Identity is cause; 
brand is effect.”

Larry Ackerman

Our Service Offerings: 

Logo Design, Brand Design, Web Design, Marketing Graphics, Comprehensive Brand Management, Printed Programs, Brochures & Flyers, Digital Flyers & Advertisements, Third-party Web Page Design

Business Operations, Writing & Corporate Compliance Services

“However beautiful the strategy,
you should occasionally
look at the results.”

Winston Churchill

Our Service Offerings: 

Incorporation services, Company formation, Operations Manual, Corporate Style Guide, Policy & Procedure Manuals, Webmaster Services, Web Content, Search Engine Optimization, Personal and Professional Biographies, Ghost Writing, Resume Review, Hashtag Generation, Social Media Content, Advertisements, Event Planning, Event Management, Writing and Editing Services, Itinerary & Educational Curriculum, Documentary Scripts, Slogans, Fundraising

Trade Show Booth displays & Events

"A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer's decision to choose one product or service over another."

Seth Godin

Our Service Offerings: 

Complete Trade Show Booth displays, Giveaway items, Swag, Promotional Items, FTC compliant information capture, booth set up, booth management, event management, event staffing, event planning, film premieres, charity fundraisers, promotions, IRS compliant raffles and auctions, donation procurement, auction management, IRS compliant donation receipts, Entertainer Procurement and Management, Event Marketing Plan, Event Promotional Services

Social Media Marketing, Online Privacy Tutoring

"A brand for a company is like a reputation for a person. "

Jeff Bezos

Our Service Offerings: 

Privacy Settings Experts, Social Media Marketing, Social Media banners, Social Media Consultation & Review, Social Media Tutoring, LinkedIn Management, LinkedIn Tutoring, Google ads management, Personal Online Branding, Crowd-funding, Awareness Campaigns, Facebook Tutoring for Individuals & Businesses, Social Media set-up, and Consultation on what sites you should be investing your time.

Merchandise & Promotions

"The most important thing to remember is you must know your audience."

Lewis Howes

Our Service Offerings: 

Research and Development, Merchandise Procurement, Merchandise Management, Brand Ambassador Programs, Affiliate Marketing Programs

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